The Netherlands, July 2017

Dear friends and acquaintances.

Once again, we are at the beginning of July, and I want to inform you on some pressing current matters.
Namely, I am writing this letter from the Netherlands this time – I have been here now for several months, in fact.


Before my return, while in Bolivia, I was experiencing painful backaches and had, practically, latter months become bedridden. Ultimately, I decided it would be best to return to the Netherlands to get this medical issue examined. Furthermore, there was also the urgent matter of my sister, Henriëtte, who was, at the same time, passing away. Regretfully, my sister passed away two days before my arrival, though I was at least able to attend her funeral.
Since my return to the Netherlands, I have been continuously in and out of hospitals and dealing with doctors. Indeed, I do not think many people have seen me since I have returned, because I have still been sick and excluding the hospital visits bound to my bed. So far there have not been many improvements, concerning my condition, in spite of the many examinations as well as the medication I am now taking. Nevertheless, I remain hopeful that sooner, rather than later, I will recover. Luckily my mood has not been poor, although the situation is, obviously, not very pleasant.
Despite the current state of affairs, I have still been very much in contact with the people back in Bolivia. Particularly the people who are concerned with the two houses I ran there, as well as the people at the school – where I, in spite of the aforementioned affairs, still technically function as director, not to forget several Bolivian families I am also keeping in touch with still.
So, yes, I am very much staying aware of the developments overseas.
Beyond these communications, I am also occupied with funding the project organization, so that it, indeed, stays operative. I hope that it won’t be long before some improvements in my physical condition, because I would, after all this time, really like to return to Bolivia to pick up where I left off with the project.
As for now, I will have to wait until I feel physically capable enough to go back to Bolivia. I really need to look for a good corset for my back, so that I will not have to endure these flares of backpain.
That is what we, my family and I, are currently for – so that I can reasonably return to Bolivia as soon as possible. Burning a candle, or saying a prayer, are, of course, very nice gestures as I appreciate your concern for me very much!! Once I regain my strengths, I certainly hope to meet some of you!!
So that’s the plan!!
Thank you very much for your support for the children and adolescents we are caring for in Bolivia, because without your help, all the work our team does would not have been possible.
I send you the kindest of wishes, and regards to all of you!

Theo Raaijmakers
Cochabamba, Bolivia
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