Oosterbeek, December 2019

Dear family, friends, and acquaintances,

It is almost Christmas – at the time of writing this – and that brings me to write something for you all.

December, 2018

Dear friends and acquaintances,

Once again, we are almost at the end of another year – where does all the time go? – so, once more, it is high time to let you hear from me. Writing is hard at times, especially on the computer, but I am doing my best to making something of it.

June 2018
Dear friends and acquaintances,
We are already halfway through 2018, and as such, it is high time to let you hear from me once again.

December 2017

Dear friends,

Once again, we are nearing the end of the year, and as such I am making an attempt at collecting some of my thoughts to share with you here.

The Netherlands, July 2017

Dear friends and acquaintances.

Once again, we are at the beginning of July, and I want to inform you on some pressing current matters.
Namely, I am writing this letter from the Netherlands this time – I have been here now for several months, in fact.

Cochabamba, december 2016

Dear friends,
we are already very close to Christmas, so I'd better sit down and write a letter to you all with the latest news.

Moergestel, July 2016

Dear family and friends,

Yes, this time my letter is from the Netherlands! I am home for a few months to get away for a while from the busy life in Cochabamba! Until now I have been occupied a lot with the cataract surgeries on both my eyes. The surgeries are behind me, and now I just have to wait until I have my new glasses….. I can now, without glasses, see a lot more than before, but reading is still a problem. Of course, there are also many things to enjoy over here, and I am doing so with all my heart!!