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We are very grateful for any donation given to us. These donations help aid Theo in achieving his goals in Bolivia. If you would like to donate to our foundation, here are the appropriate accounts to which you can make your donation. Thank you.

NL89 RABO 0134 5207 69

nummer RABONL2U

Kv.K. nummer

RSIN/Ficaal nummer

ANBI nummer*


Transparant ANBI of Stichting Werk Theo Raaijmakers.*
Consider visiting the year report page, financial reports, etc.

Thank you kindly, in advance, for your donation to our foundation!
If you, indeed, want to donate money, please also put your mail-adress or post-office box information into the ‘’omschrijving’’ (description) on the respective transaction page. This way we can send you a confirmation of your donation.

*An ANBI (Public Benefit Organization) is a governmentally recognized Dutch organization, which is designated to aid civil society for public benefit. Stichting Werk Theo Raaijmakers is one such an ’ANBI’, because at least 90% of all its activities are to aid the common good. If you do decide to donate to our foundation, it is possible that you can receive a tax return on said donation.