Welcome to the Stichting Werk Theo Raaijmakers Website

Theo Raaijmakers is a missionary of St. Joseph’s Missionary Society of Mill Hill, and was born in 1951. Raaijmakers became an ordained priest in Moergestel in 1977. Raaijmakers is currently operating in Bolivia for the Amanecer project.

Amanecer is a largescale project to aid homeless children and youth in the city of Cochabamba. Amanecer hopes to give these children and youths, as well as women (with children) a second chance in life.

In 1999 the "Foundation for the work of Theo Raaijmakers" was founded in order to support Raaijmakers’ efforts. This foundation’s central goal consists of providing financial aid for said children and youth.

The Raaijmakers foundation requires donations because of the following aspects of the Amancer project:

  • The Amanecer project is largescale and requires about $2000 a day to stay operative. However, these expenses are only preliminary and the most basic of costs.
  • Furthermore, the costs of post-high school education are very high. As a result, the foundation requires donation money to this end.
  • Moreover, the medical expenses are also quite steep.
  • Among other activities, Theo Raaijmakers is currently also involved with several other organizations, that are taking care of youth with drug addictions in a new night shelter in Cochabamba.

For more information read: Project-Information.